Crisis De-escalation Service Pilot in Belfast

The Public Health Agency (PHA) is planning to tender for the provision of a Crisis De-escalation Service Pilot in Belfast. The service will provide out of hours support from 6pm on a Friday to 12pm on a Monday, from within a neutral and accessible location.  Staff within this service will work with the person and their family (where they also present) to address underlying issues contributing to, or causing, the crisis.  This de-escalation support would:

  • Identify contributing factors through a standard risk assessment.
  • Identify a support plan for clients coming through the service, including signposting to services addressing the contributory factors to the presentation.
  • Provide information, advice and support for the client – and the client’s family members as required.
  • Provide an exit plan for the client.

The tender is likely to be advertised in Oct 2018 but this date may be subject to change.  Any tender opportunity will be advertised on eTendersNI and PHA’s website.  This is not a call for tender.  There is no guarantee that any tender will be run.