Involving you

If you are a service user, carer or member of the public who would like to be involved in research, the following links provide more information about our Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) strategy and ways in which you could become involved in the work of HSC R&D Division.

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For further information please contact Dr Gail Johnston Programme Manager (PPI) at


Public Involvement in Research applications to the National research Ethics Service. October 2011.

Author: Maryrose Tarpey

This joint study, published by the National Research Ethics Service (NRES) and INVOLVE, looks at the extent and nature of reported public involvement in health and social care research using information routinely collected by NRES as part of the applications process for ethical approval of research projects. The study was based on a sample of applications submitted to NRES in 2010.

The report:

  • provides a ‘snapshot’ of public involvement in research and identifies practical actions for funders, sponsors and regulators in ensuring and facilitating further patient and public involvement;
  • provides some key insights into the extent to which patients and the public are involved in research, and the understanding of researchers and funders of effective involvement.

A copy of the report is available by following this link: