COVID-19: Resources for students

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This section provides students with access to a range of resources and advice to help you and your family and friends stay safe, and look after your mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

General COVID-19 guidance

Student factsheet and supporting video.

This factsheet provides advice and guidance for students on a range of scenarios relating to COVID-19.

Advice on car sharing flyer and supporting video.

This flyer and video advises people to avoid car sharing during COVID-19 but shows the steps to follow to reduce the spread of the virus if you can't avoid car sharing. 

Mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19 resources

Lifeline 24hr counselling 0808 808 8000

Lifeline is the Northern Ireland free-to-call crisis counselling helpline that provides immediate support for those in crisis, distress or despair and struggling to cope. Lifeline is available to anyone across Northern Ireland 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Lifeline can also provide advice for people who are concerned about someone else who is in distress.

Mind your head: a student guide to mental health

This resource is full of practical tips and information on managing stress and achieving and maintaining positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. It also contains a comprehensive list of helpful local organisations and websites.

Minding Your Head

The Minding Your Head (MYH) website has a range of information and resources to support and enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing, information on how to help others, and how to access help and support when needed.

From the MYH Homepage you can access the CovidWellbeingNI Hub, an online wellbeing space that brings together a range of information, resources and self-help guides.

You will also find details on mental health courses that are available including free online Stress Control classes, accessed directly here.

There is also access to a range of approved apps for fitness, nutrition, sleep and mental health.

Take 5 steps to wellbeing: looking after your mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

This leaflet offers tips on supporting your mental and emotional wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Your university or college also has a range of dedicated resources to support your mental health and wellbeing:

Queen’s University Belfast

Ulster University

Belfast Metropolitan College

Stranmillis University College

St Mary’s University College

Northern Regional College 

North West Regional College

South Eastern Regional College

Southern Regional College

South West College


Helplines NI

Details of helplines that were set up in response to COVID 19 covering range of issues, such as the COVID-19 Community Helpline, befriending helplines, psychological support .

Don’t get locked in flyer

This resource provides advice on safer drinking while staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Drugs and Alcohol Support

Importantly during this time, alcohol and drug support services are still operating. Many of them offer over-the-phone help so you can still keep to social distancing guidelines.

Meningitis Awareness

MenACWY immunisation leaflet

Are you aged up to 25 years and attending university for the first time?

This booklet explains about the Meningitis ACWY vaccination that is offered to young people starting university.

Meningitis symptoms

Graphic showing the symptoms of meningitis

Understanding the signs and symptoms of meningitis and what to do should you or someone else experience these is extremely important as you will usually become seriously ill in a matter of hours. The condition is rare but serious. 

Make sure someone knows if you feel ill and keep an eye on your friends who feel unwell. It is important to keep checking someone who is ill so you know if they are getting rapidly worse and to keep looking for signs and symptoms. Seek medical help urgently if you become concerned about their or your own health.

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