Corporate strategy 2011-2015

The PHA Corporate Strategy has been developed with input from staff across the PHA and taking account of feedback from external stakeholders.  It is a high level document, setting out the direction for the PHA over the next few years, and will be supported by the annual PHA Corporate Business Plan, Directorate Business Plans and the Joint Commissioning Plan.  The Strategy was approved by the PHA board at the November 2011 board meeting. 

The PHA Corporate strategy sets out the role, direction and priorities of the PHA for the next four years, taking account of the requirements of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

The goals set out in this strategy are supported by annual plans detailing how the goals will be achieved.

The strategy outlines the following:

  • protecting health;
  • improving health and wellbeing;
  • improving quality and safety;
  • improving early detection.

Other resources used in the process of developing the Corporate Strategy, as well as the final version of the strategy, are attached below:

PHA Corporate Strategy 2011-15 FINAL VERSION.pdf 

Dr Rooney CEO - Engagement Letter.pdf

Draft Corporate Strategy 2011 - 15 Engagement Document.pdf

PHA draft Corporate Strategy - Response Template and Key questions.docx