Early years intervention conference

A key theme of the Public Health Agency (PHA) is to ‘give every child and young person the best start in life’. Investment in the early years brings significant benefits later in life across areas such as health and wellbeing, education, employment, reduced violence and crime. Consequently, the agency is committed to pursuing strong evidence-based programmes to build resilience and promote health and wellbeing. This conference provided input from national and international experts in the field of early years and contributed to the debate about how stakeholders in Northern Ireland can progress this key agenda.

Conference purpose

  • To inform stakeholders of the science of early years/early brain development and the links between support in antenatal and early years and improved outcomes in health, education, social and emotional development;
  • To highlight key local developments such as Family Nurse Partnerships;
  • To consider the economic benefits across society based on successful early years approaches;
  • To showcase emerging community and city approaches to early years interventions;
  • To promote and agree follow up actions.
Early years intervention conference
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