HSC Safety Forum

The HSC Safety Forum was created in 2007 to support HSC organisations as they strive to provide safe, high quality care. The HSC Safety Forum:

  • works collaboratively with stakeholders to assist the drive for improvement in safety and quality in Health and Social Care;
  • helps service providers build and develop their quality improvement capability in line with internationally recognised theory and practice;
  • facilitates engagement between patients, clients, commissioners and service providers in order to promote safety and quality.

The HSC Safety Forum uses a variety of facilitative approaches, which include:

  • enhancement of knowledge on safety, quality and improvement science within the HSC system;
  • providing exposure to nationally and internationally recognised experts in the field;
  • acting as a conduit for the sharing of best practice;
  • hosting collaborative working;
  • directly supporting improvement initiatives within HSC organisations.

Contact information

The HSC Safety Forum has its headquarters at the Public Health Agency in Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BS.

Office Manager Dawn Clarke at dawn.clarke@hscni.net Telephone 028 9536 1130


Dr Mark Roberts, Clinical Director
Reportedly, the Native Americans had a saying: The most important thing in this life is to be a good ancestor. I want us to continue to build on the work of our predecessors and help pass on an even better organised, more effective and person-centred health and social care system.


Dr Jackie McCall, Clinical Lead

Janet Haines-Wood, Regional Patient Safety Advisor

Levette Lamb, Regional Patient Safety Advisor

Dawn Clarke, Office Manager

Joanne McCloskey, Personal Secretary/Admin Support