Making Life Better

Making Life Better 2012–2023 is the ten year public health strategic framework. The framework provides direction for policies and actions to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Northern Ireland. It builds on the Investing for Health strategy (2002–2012) and retains a focus on the broad range of social, economic and environmental factors which influence health and wellbeing. It brings together actions at government level and provides direction for implementation at regional and local level.

The Making Life Better framework seeks to create the conditions for individuals and communities to take control of their own lives and move towards a vision of Northern Ireland where all people are enabled and supported in achieving their full health and wellbeing potential and to reduce inequalities in health.

The Public Health Agency is the lead agency for implementation of the Making Life Better framework. The Regional Project Board, led by the Public Health Agency (PHA) and chaired by PHA Chief Executive Dr Eddie Rooney, will focus on strengthening collaboration and coordination to deliver on shared strategic priorities across sectors at a regional level, and on supporting implementation at a local level. Membership of the group will comprise the Chief Officers of relevant statutory agencies and include representation from local government, community, voluntary and private sectors.

The Regional Project Board will report, through the Project Board Chair, to the All Departments Officials Group (ADOG), chaired by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and comprising senior officials from all departments.

Ministerial Group
The Department of Health (DoH), Health Development Policy Branch, in conjunction with DoH Information Office, Executive Information Service and ADOG, will be responsible for strategic, Ministerial and cross–government liaison/promotion of Making Life Better.

Areas of Joint Working
The approach to the implementation of Making Life Better is one of partnership and collaboration. The collective efforts of the organisations represented on the Regional Project Board will be invested in key areas of work which stand the best chance of making a sustained and positive impact in Northern Ireland. These key areas or demonstration programmes will be agreed by the Regional Project Board based on their relevance to Making Life Better, their requirement for collaborative working and the ability to regionalise the initiative across Northern Ireland.

To facilitate the high-level monitoring of progress on the key Making Life Better indicators, a dedicated section has been developed on the NINIS website at

Key documents