Modernising the diabetic eye screening programme

The pre-consultation on the way the diabetic eye screening programme is provided is now closed. There will however be a public consultation starting on 7 January 2019 for 12 weeks. Check the Current consultations section of this website or click here from 7 January 2019 for details.

The diabetic eye screening programme is currently being modernised. The current phase of this project is looking at the service delivery model for the programme and the options for change.

The document below has been produced, which reviews the options available, and outlines their advantages and disadvantages. Screening coordinators are seeking the opinions of those involved or affected by the programme. If you would like to be included in this pre-consultation process, please complete the questionnaire below and return by email or post using the contact details provided on the questionnaire.

Pre-consultation DESP options Oct 2017.pdf

Pre-consultation questionnaire Oct 2017.docx