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The Public Health Agency (PHA) is responsible for providing health protection and health and social wellbeing improvement to every member of every community in Northern Ireland. We are committed to addressing the causes and associated inequalities of preventable ill-health and lack of wellbeing. 
The Public Health Agency was established in April 2009 as part of the reforms to Health and Social Care (HSC) in Northern Ireland. We are a multi-disciplinary, multi-professional body with a strong regional and local presence. 


The PHA operates under a framework of three functional areas: Public Health, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals, and Operations, in order to carry out our mandate to safeguard public health, promote public health and social welfare, and reduce inequalities in health and social wellbeing. Our corporate and business plans reflect these arrangements and our purpose as an organisation. Access our Directorates and Service Areas here  


  • news release graphic: Parents urged to talk to young people about vaping Spice dangers

    Parents urged to talk to young people about vaping Spice dangers

    - News
    The Public Health Agency (PHA) is urging parents and guardians to talk to young people about the dangers of vaping unknown substances as it could make them seriously ill or even be fatal. The PHA is focussing in particular on the dangers of vaping
  • Image of man holding his stomach with added text 'Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - Screening and symptom awareness are key to early detection'

    1 in 20 people will develop bowel cancer in Northern Ireland

    - News
    This Bowel Cancer Awareness Month [April], the Public Health Agency (PHA) is reminding people about the two key actions to help combat bowel cancer – act when you notice symptoms, and take part in screening if eligible. Dr Christine McKee, Public
  • Image of the factsheet

    Cryptosporidium factsheet

    - Publication
    This leaflet provides information on cryptosporidium including what it is, how it is spread, common symptoms and how to prevent spreading the illness to others.

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