Sexually transmitted infections

The most comprehensive source of data on sexually transmitted infections in Northern Ireland is provided by the five genito-urinary medicine (GUM) clinics in Belfast, Coleraine, Londonderry, Newry and Downpatrick.

Data are recorded on gender, age and male sexual orientation for certain infections. Area of residence is not recorded.

Surveillance arrangements for HIV/AIDS infection are based largely on the confidential reporting of HIV infected individuals to the Public Health England’s Centre for Infections in London.

There are two main outputs:

  • Data relating to individuals whose first diagnosis was made in Northern Ireland.
  • Data relating to individuals who accessed Northern Ireland-based HIV services, published as annual reports of the Survey of Prevalent HIV Infected cases (SOPHID).

PHE data


STI surveillance report 2018.pdf

STI Report 2018 (2017 data).pptx


HIV report 2018.pdf


KC60 data

Apr-Jun 2018.pdf

Rates of new episodes 2006-2017.pdf

Number of new episodes 2006-2017.pdf