Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement

Young FamilyAs we face a difficult economic climate, inequalities may worsen over the coming period. For this reason, the PHA will redouble its efforts, working with partners in many different sectors, as well as directly with communities, to ensure we make best use of our collective resources.

The PHA has been systematically examining evidence of best practice and effectiveness to ensure that investment and joint working will bring clear benefits. We are setting out four key themes to our work:

Give every child and young person the best start in life

Investment in early years brings significant benefits later in life across areas such as health and wellbeing, education, employment, and reduced violence and crime. We are committed to pursuing strongly evidenced programmes to build resilience and promote health and wellbeing.

Ensure a decent standard of living for all

Lower socioeconomic groups have a greater risk of poor health and reduced life expectancy. We will focus efforts in a number of areas where, working with partners, we can impact on achieving a decent standard of living for all.

Build sustainable communities

The views, strengths, relationships and energies of local communities are essential in building effective approaches to improving health and wellbeing. We are committed to community development, engaging people in decision-making and in shaping their lives and social networks.

Make healthy choices easier

Creating an environment that encourages and supports health is critical. We are committed to working across a range of settings to ensure that healthier choices are made easier for individuals.