Consultation on Community Capacity Building under Mental & Emotional Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention

This consultation has now closed.

We would like to invite you to participate in a consultation exercise to help inform the future of Community Capacity Building under the Mental & Emotional Wellbeing and Protect Life Strategies being undertaken by the Public Health Agency.

Based on previous experience in the development and implementation of the Protect Life strategy, and on-going feedback from service providers and service users through local and regional consultation. The attached outlines the proposed key objectives that aims to ensure a consistent community capacity building approach across the 5 PHA/HSC localities under Emotional Wellbeing / Mental Health and Suicide Prevention through the following baseline key performance indicators: 

  1. Awareness Raising and Education
  2. Capacity Building and Resilience
  3. Partnership working
  4. Information Management

The purpose of this consultation is to engage service providers/users to input into the design and development of this approach.

The following document is available as an attachment: Community Capacity Building Engagement Paper Questionnaire 6th November 2014.docx

Please note: All responses must be received by 4pm on Friday 19th December 2014 by post or email to:

Amanda O’Carroll
Health & Social Wellbeing Improvement Senior Officer
Mental & Emotional Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention
Public Health Agency
Gransha Park House
BT47 6FN