Nursing (AHP) is part of the Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Directorate, led by Mary Hinds.
Pat Cullen is the Assistant Director of Nursing, Safety Quality and Patient Experience.

A nurse

Areas of responsibility

  • Public health, community nursing, primary care, child protection.
  • Acute and children’s services, cancer and palliative care, quality and standards.
  • Mental health, elderly care, learning disability and physical disability.
  • Professional regulation, education, workforce planning and development, research and development activities.
  • Providing advice on all matters relating to children's services; professional input into the development, monitoring and review of policy with regards to children's services; promoting the agenda for children across Northern Ireland in relation to policy, practice and education, and liaising closely with colleagues in developing children's services.
  • Provision of health facility planning/nursing advice on all major capital/Priorities for Action (PfA) schemes in Northern Ireland.
  • Business case analysis.
  • Decontamination.
  • Healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) in relation to the estate, clinical waste management and management of medical devices.
  • Monitoring and investigation of adverse incidents reported to the Northern Ireland Adverse Incident Centre (NIAIC).
  • Chair of GAIN Medical Devices Committee.
  • Emergency planning.
  • Providing leadership in digital health which includes the general use of information and communication technologies for managing data and information to enable the transformation of health and care services - improving patient care outcomes and experience, improving clinical safety, and increasing sustainability. 

Nursing leads



Heather Reid

Director of Nursing, Midwifery and AHP

Deirdre Webb

Assistant Director of Nursing- Public Health, Children and Young People


Nurse Consultant - Workforce, Education & Professional Governance


Assistant Director of Nursing, Mental Health & Learning Disability

Denise Boulter

Assistant Director of Nursing- Patient Safety and Quality

Siobhan Donald

Assistant Director of Nursing- Workforce, Health in Criminal Justice, Primary, Acute and Secondary Care

Sandra Atchison

Assistant Director of Nursing – Adults and Older People

Emily Roberts


Designated Nurse – Safeguarding Children and Young people

Alison Little 

Midwife Consultant

Claire Buchner

Assistant Director- Digital Health and Nursing

Alison Griffiths

Nurse Consultant Health Protection