Public information campaigns

The public information campaigns function within the PHA is responsible for the overall development, management, implementation and monitoring of multi-media campaigns, which cover a wide range of health issues and programmes.

The campaigns are used to raise awareness of important health issues and stimulate groups or individuals to seek information and services.

Through any increase in knowledge, people can over time change attitudes and longer term, particularly when other intervention programmes are used, change their behaviour. 

Communications channels

A wide range of communications channels is available including television, cinema, radio, outdoor (poster), press, ambient and online (internet) advertising as well as websites, information literature, public relations activity and the use of local news media. The communications channels used will depend on the target audience, objectives and budget.

Knowing your audience

All campaigns are tested with the target audience using qualitative research before being implemented. Quantitative research is also used to inform campaign development. Gaining a detailed insight into the target audience is the key to a successful campaign. Quantitative research and other measures such as uptake of services are used to evaluate campaigns.