Business plan

The PHA's Business Plan sets out the key priorities and actions that will be progressed by the Public Health Agency (PHA) in each given financial year. The PHA believes that these actions will have the biggest impact on improving levels of health and social wellbeing, protecting the health of the community, and ensuring patients continue to receive high quality and safe treatment and care services. The last four business plans are available via the links below.

PHA Annual Business Plan 18-19 Final.pdf

PHA Annual Business Plan 2017-18

PHA Annual Business Plan 2016-17

PHA Annual Business Plan 2015-2016

PHA Annual Business Plan 2014-15 290714.pdf

Annual business plan 2013-14

PHA Business plan 2012-2013

Corporate business plan 2011-2012

Agency business plan 2010-2011

Corporate plan 2009-2010