Quality 2020

Quality 2020 was launched in November 2011 to create a strategic framework and plan of action that will protect and improve quality in Health and Social Care (HSC), over a 10 year period.

Pat Cullen, Director of Safety, Quality and Patient Experience at the PHA, said: “Every day thousands of people, old and young, are treated and cared for by highly-skilled and dedicated professionals. All of them deserve and seek one thing above all: to know that the service provided is of high quality. However, the health service faces many challenges in doing this including operating in a highly complex and stressful environment, financial constraints and having to continually strive to keep up with technology.

“Quality 2020 sets out a plan as to how best address those challenges and maintain the high quality services that the public has come to expect. Quality 2020 is about improving the safety and effectiveness of services and making Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland more ‘patient centred’. It puts an emphasis on listening to patients and colleagues, learning from error and from exceptional practice and improving outcomes across the HSC system. Most importantly, quality and continuous improvement is everyone’s business and is a part of everyday business.

“We have been working with senior staff across HSC to implement the action plan and to date we have put in place a dedicated protocol to manage safety alerts across the HSC, a literature review on organisational culture has been published and the first annual quality reports have been launched.

“By implementing Quality 2020, patients and staff will see improvements in the care they receive and the environment they work in. Quality 2020 aims to see waiting times reduced, improved access to treatment and better outcomes for people with cancer, stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Improvements for staff will include supporting staff in eLearning to ensure that they are up to date with their learning, providing them with good leadership and clear lines of communication at all levels, from frontline to chief executive.

“Quality 2020 will help ensure that the HSC service is recognised internationally, but especially by the people of Northern Ireland, as a leader for excellence in health and social care.”

Quality 2020

For further information on Q2020 strategy see: www.dhsspsni.gov.uk/quality_strategy_2020


Annual Quality Report 2013/2014

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Launch of Annual Quality Report on World Quality Day

For further information on Q2020 contact Lisa Moore at lisa.moore@hscni.net