Information for health professionals

Seasonal changes in the flu virus occur and it is for this reason that annual vaccination against flu is recommended in certain groups who are either at risk of the complications of flu or at risk of passing flu unto people at risk of developing complications.

Every year the Chief Medical Officer in Northern Ireland issues a letter outlining who is eligible to receive the flu vaccine under the seasonal influenza programme.

The Health Protection Team of the Public Health Agency develop materials for healthcare workers delivering the seasonal influenza vaccine programme and this includes training slides, a factsheet about seasonal flu vaccines, leaflets posters and guidelines on infection control and data collection. Links to these are available below:

General Resources:

  • Factsheet (Influenza Immunisation Programme: Factsheet for Healthcare Professionals) 
  • Training slides (Flu Presentation with speaker notes) 
  • Patient information leaflets and posters (General Public)
  • Management of Seasonal Influenza 2019/20 DH 
  • NICE Guidelines on Use of Anti-virals 2019/20 
  • E-learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) accessible using health & social care email address
  • The Green Book Chapter 19 of The Green Book contains recommendations about flu vaccine storage, administration, use of vaccine, clinical risk groups, contraindications and precautions.

Healthcare Worker Campaign Resources for Trusts (in addition to general resources) also include:

Nursing / Residential Care Home Campaign Resources (in addition to general resources) also include: