Farm Families Health Checks Programme

The farming community is particularly susceptible to poor health and wellbeing, partly driven by the wide demands impacting on farmers across a range of social and economic factors. They often work long and anti-social hours which can lead to social isolation and often difficulty accessing traditional health care services.

The Farm Families Health Checks Programme offers a means for farmers and their families to access health checks from a portable clinic and from local community settings. This innovative project consists of a mobile unit which will be available at local markets and community events across Northern Ireland, to offer on-the-spot health checks consisting of Blood Pressure monitoring, BMI, cholesterol check and diabetic screening. In addition, individual lifestyle advice will be given on a range of health issues, and onward referral completed to local support services as required.

For more information, including the schedule of where the screening van will be visiting please contact the Programme Support Officer on 028 2563 5573 or email




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