Personal and Public Involvement (PPI)

Further information on Personal and Public Involvement in Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland can be found on the Engage website .­

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PPI is the term used to describe the active and meaningful involvement of service users, carers, their advocates and the public in the planning, commissioning, delivery and evaluation of Health and Social Care (HSC) services, in ways that are relevant to them.

There is also a statutory duty to involve and consult with service users and carers (directly or indirectly through their representatives) and the Patient Client Council (PCC) in:

  1. The planning of the provision of care
  2. The development and consideration of proposals for changes in the way that care is provided
  3. Decisions to be made by the body who has the responsibility for the provision of that care
  4. The efficacy of that care

In 2018 the HSC was further directed to move towards a co-productive approach (where appropriate) under the direction set out in the Co-Production Guide.

Involvement, Co-Production and Partnership Working empowers and enables service users, carers, their advocates and the public to have their voices heard, ensuring that their knowledge, expertise and views are listened to, valued and factored into plans, decisions and actions within Health and Social Care (HSC).

Involvement, Co-Production and Partnership Working with service users and carers has been shown to:

  • Improve the quality and safety of services;
  • Help tailor services to need, and improve efficiency;
  • Utilise service user and carer expertise and knowledge;
  • Help to inform commissioning and set priorities;
  • Reduce complaints;
  • Increase ownership of, and compliance with, agreed treatment plans.

The PHA has a leadership role in the oversight of the implementation of PPI policy and works to advance the move towards the adoption of Co-Production. It drives this forward through:

  • Encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practice;
  • Through the commissioning and/or delivery of training;
  • Provision of professional involvement advice and guidance, and
  • Undertaking of monitoring on the provision of assurances to the Department of Health in regards to HSC compliance with their policy and statutory obligation in this field.

The PHA has centralised a comprehensive raft of resources, guidance and information on Involvement, Co-Production and Partnership Working on the Engage website.

Michelle Tennyson Assistant Director for AHP,PPI & PCE holds AD  responsibility for PPI.

Martin Quinn is the Regional PPI lead who provides Professional leadership in this area throughout the HSC.

If you have any queries regarding Personal and Public Involvement, Co-Production and related areas, please visit the Engage website or contact