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There are over 2,000 smoking-related deaths in Northern Ireland every year. These are avoidable.

The government is now running a consultation around creating a smoke-free generation and tackling youth vaping.

Make your voice heard and complete the survey at

Have you had your say? The government is running a consultation on creating a smoke-free generation and tackling youth vaping.

Don’t miss your chance to give your input. Find out more at





Make your voice heard on the government’s ‘smoke-free generation’ consultation.

Take your chance to shape how we approach smoking and youth vaping for generations to come.

Fill in the survey at:





Smoking kills and vapes carries health risks, especially with so many young people now vaping.

Have your say on the future and creating a smoke-free generation at





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The government’s once-in-a-generation consultation on smoking and youth vaping is now open.

The Public Health Agency’s Dr Joanne McClean is urging everyone to not miss their chance to have their say.

Fill in the survey at






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Don’t miss your chance to shape smoking and vaping policy for generations to come.

The government consultation on creating a smoke-free generation is now open.

Fill it out at:






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Nearly 8,000 people set a quite date for smoking last year 

You can find help to quit at 

If you want to have your say on smoking policy for the next generation, visit