Protect Life 2 Service Stakeholder Engagement Report

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The Public Health Agency (PHA) commissioned Insight Solutions to deliver a number of stakeholder engagement events, to seek views that would inform the future procurement of services in order to implement the pending Protect Life 2 strategy.  Public engagement events were held in each of the Trust areas and a total of 12 meetings were held across Northern Ireland (at least two in each Trust area with a third in the Belfast area, due to population density and a number of interested stakeholders, and three in the western area due to the geographical spread of residents and services).

The events were publicly advertised and the information about the events was distributed by the PHA to all relevant stakeholders including current service providers, commissioners, clinicians, service users, carers and family members. 

A total number of 369 stakeholders attended the public meetings, while 36 responses were submitted to the online survey.

This report attached provides a summary of the stakeholder engagement workshops including summary of each session and overall summary for all five HSCT areas including highlights of the main points/issues raised at each and whether there were any similarities or differences across localities or the region as a whole. All comments received have been treated equally. The report does not rank or prioritise comments.


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