Public Health Agency Business plan 2017-2018

Public Health Agency Business plan 2017-2018

The Public Health Agency (PHA) Annual Business Plan sets out in more detail what the PHA will do to help achieve the outcomes identified in the PHA Corporate Plan. The Annual Business Plan 2017/18 is therefore the action plan for the first year of the PHA Corporate Plan 2017 –2021. As such it incorporates actions that the PHA will take in line with the draft Programme for Government, Making Life Better andCommunity Planning.

While the Annual Business Plan does not set out all the actions that the PHA will take during this year, it reflects the key actions from allfunctions and Directorates across the five strategic outcomes.Our commitment to work to reduce health inequalities is at the core of the PHA Corporate Plan 2017–2021, and is central to the actions setout in this Annual Business Plan for 2017/18.

It should be noted however that the Annual Business Plan has been developed against the backdrop of HSC reform and change and financialconstraints and uncertainty. Actions may be subject to change in the light of budget allocations.

As stated in the Corporate Plan 2017–2021, the PHA is seeking to move to a more outcomes based approach. While acknowledging that weare only at the beginning of this journey, and there is much more to be done, we have, as a first step, structured this Plan to set out not onlywhat the action will be for this year, but also to identify some of the anticipated impacts, both within this year and longer term, where applicable.

Progress against the actions will be monitored and reported on a quarterly basis.


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