Saving Mothers' Lives 2003-2005


This, the seventh Report of the Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in the United Kingdom (UK) enquires into maternal deaths and has a new title, “Saving Mothers’ Lives”. The change has been made to more accurately reflect the purpose of this, the longest running example of a maternal death review in the world. The Enquiry’s aim is to stimulate and promote beneficial clinical actions and health and social service changes that will save yet more mothers’ and babies’ lives in future. By acting on the recommendations and results contained in the Report, the inequalities in pregnancy outcomes that currently exist between the most advantaged and most vulnerable and excluded mothers and babies in society should reduce, as should the numbers of those who suffer the consequences of severe morbidity.

In addition, and perhaps of most importance, all mothers, infants and families will benefit from accessible

maternity services whose staff are proud to provide them with the safest and best possible individualised care that meets all their medical and other needs.



A4, 296pp, report
Target group
Healthcare professionals