COVID-19: Information for schools and pupils

COVID-19 in school settings

Advice on COVID-19 in schools, colleges and universities is available here.

The PHA works closely with the Education Authority to assist schools and pre-schools in managing their response to cases and clusters of COVID-19 within the school setting.

Guidance for HSC staff on moving safely within and between educational settings is available here.

StopCOVID NI app for 11-17 year olds

This app really helps our health service.  It can also help prevent further lockdowns and keep schools open.  Most people spreading the virus don’t even know they have it.  So the more people using the app, the more lives we save, including the lives of people we love. Let’s all keep doing our bit to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Download ‘StopCOVID NI’ from your app store now.

StopCOVID NI social media videos for 11-17 year olds: