PCC/PHA launch ‘Pulse Check Project’ to gather feedback on Care Home Experience

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* 'The Pulse Check' survey has now been paused. More info to follow on the date the survey will resume.

As we emerge from lockdown the Patient and Client Council and the Public Health Agency are launching a wide ranging feedback gathering initiative to hear from the families of care home residents on their experience of visiting homes under the new guidance from the Department of Health. This initiative is known as “Pulse Check” and will facilitate learning from the experiences of families engaging with Care Homes. As the visiting guidance evolves over the next 4 months the Pulse Check will support families to share their experience of each stage.

Reflecting upon the launch of the initiative, Olive MacLeod, Interim Chief Executive of the PHA, said the initiative is a real opportunity for families to have their voices heard,

“The project will encourage the public to have their voice heard in relation to how visiting restrictions in care homes are working for them. It will allow us to gather useful feedback in relation to experience of care home visits in the context of the Department of Health guidance, assess the impact of a change in the process and how that impacts on their lived experience, and provide a constant conversation with families through a pulse check on their experience of visiting in care homes. We look forward to hearing from you.”

Patient and Client Council Chief Executive, Vivian McConvey said:

“Each stage will have a survey which will run for one week, and we have written to care home providers, families and other stakeholders to ensure that as wide a group of people as possible are aware of the process we have launched and are able to have their views heard. The questions at each stage will reflect the visiting guidelines of the previous four weeks.  The final review, one of reflection on the entire process, will meet this requirement. The Patient and Client Council will then report on findings and emerging themes.”

The Pulse Check survey is anonymous and will gather the following information from families:

• context of the experiences

• overview of the experience of visiting into a Care Homes

• the Pulse check can be accessed through an online link which is available on the PCC and PHA websites

The Pulse Check survey was launched on 1st June 2021 and will cover each phase of the Department of Health Visiting Guidance. Phase one will be a review of the ‘Cautious First Steps’ easement period.  Phase two will begin at midday on 28th of June, looking at the ‘Gradual Easing’ easement period.

Phase three will begin at midday on 26th July with a review of the ‘Further Easing’ easement period, while phase four will begin at midday on 23rd August with a review of the ‘Preparing for the Future’ easement period. Finally Phase five will begin at midday 20th September, reviewing the process of ‘Visiting with Care’ from the families’ perspective. It is important families have an opportunity to share what has worked well and what needs to improve in relation to visiting in our Care Homes.

To access the survey visit: