Bamford rapid reviews

Bamford rapid reviews

The Bamford review of mental health and learning disabilities identified the need for research to help with service and policy development in a number of areas. We worked with key stakeholders, gaining significant input from service users and carers along with professionals and researchers, to agree five top priorities. Research reviews were funded by HSC R&D Division, Public Health Agency (PHA) to set out current knowledge about policies and care services relevant to Children and Young People; Patient Outcomes; Intellectual Disability; Psychological Therapies and Primary Care.

The reviews which can be accessed below will serve as accessible, high quality sources of up-to-date knowledge for commissioners, policy-makers, academics and providers of health or social care services as well as service users. We hope that the reviews will help to inform future development and delivery of Mental Health and Intellectual Disability services and so achieve the best outcomes for service users and their families. The reviews have also identified a number of important areas for further research.

A Call for research proposals to these areas is announced today. Further information on this Call can be found by clicking here

A further Rapid review in personality disorders has been commissioned in conjunction with HSCB and DHSSPS and is now available to download here.


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