Diabetic eye screening programme (5 leaflets and 2 flyers)

Diabetic eye screening programme (4 leaflets and 2 flyers)

Diabetic retinopathy occurs when diabetes damages the small blood vessels in the part of the eye called the retina. These blood vessels can become blocked or leaky, affecting how the retina works. Sometimes abnormal new blood vessels grow, which are weak and can bleed easily.

In the early stages, these changes will not normally affect your sight. However, if left untreated, the retinopathy may get worse and your vision may be affected.

People with diabetes are invited to attend the Diabetic Eye Screening Programme and the ‘What you need to know’ leaflet is sent with the invitation. The screening service is free and part of their overall diabetes care.

The shorter ‘Introduction’ leaflet is distributed to all endocrine/diabetes clinics and ophthalmology clinics across the five Trusts, as well as GP surgeries. This provides introductory information for patients recently diagnosed with diabetes.

There is also a leaflet to inform health professionals about all aspects of the screening programme; a leaflet on digital photography surveillance for those who need closer monitoring; a flyer for patients who need to receive eye drops during the screening appointment; and a flyer on slit lamp examination for those for whom standard digital photography did not provide a good enough picture of the back of the eyes. A leaflet on the 'low-risk pathway' is also included for those who can move to screening every two years.


A5 leaflets and flyer
Target group
People with diabetes and health professionals