Take the stairs toolkit

Take the stairs toolkit

Physical activity is a public health priority, but it's hard to fit it into a busy working day. Taking the stairs is a simple, easy an effective way to incorporate physical activity into your working day and is associated with many health benefits.

The PHA's Staff Health and Wellbeing Working Group developed a multicomponent intervention package, including Point of Decision (POD) prompts and signposting with 'footprints', to encourage its staff to use the stairs rather than the lift. Evaluation found stair use increased by 82% after the intervention.

The PHA has developed a 'toolkit', which other organisations may wish to adapt as part of their own staff wellbeing programme. You will find below everything you need to roll out this programme in your workplace, including a guide detailing the steps involved, the POD prompts, a baseline and follow-up monitoring form, a sample launch flyer, a summary of the PHA evaluation and links to two videos showing how we implemented the interviention.




A4 6 page guide, A4 posters. PDF only.
Target group
Employers/HR representatives/Health and wellbeing staff/employees wishing to implement a staff health and wellbeing programme