The Public Health Agency (PHA) was established in April 2009 as part of the reforms to Health and Social Care (HSC) in Northern Ireland. We are the major regional organisation for health protection and health and social wellbeing improvement. Our role also commits us to addressing the causes and associated inequalities of preventable ill-health and lack of wellbeing. We are a multi-disciplinary, multi-professional body with a strong regional and local presence.


In fulfilling our mandate to protect public health, improve public health and social wellbeing, and reduce inequalities in health and social wellbeing, the PHA works within an operational framework of three areas: Public Health, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals, and Operations. Our corporate and business plans reflect these arrangements and our purpose as an organisation.

Public Health

Nursing and Allied Health Professions



  • Newborn blood spot screening leaflet

    Newborn blood spot screening (English and translations)

    - Publication
    The newborn blood spot pre-screening information leaflet for parents includes information about sickle cell disorders (SCD) and medium chain acyl coA dehydrogenase deficiency (MCADD) family history. This pre-screening leaflet should be given to all
  • Recovery newsletter

    Recovery newsletter

    - Publication
    The Recovery newsletter is dedicated to bringing you news and information about mental health recovery work in Northern Ireland.
  • Front Cover

    NI Regional Hepatitis B&C Managed Clinical Network Annual Report

    - Publication
    NI Regional Hepatitis B&C Managed Clinical Network Annual Report.
  • Breast screening poster

    Breast screening poster

    - Publication
    This poster promotes the Northern Ireland breast screening programme to women aged 50 to 70.