Testing and tracing for COVID-19

Everyone in Northern Ireland with symptoms of coronavirus is now eligible for testing.

If a child is to be tested, parents/guardians will need to arrive at the site prepared to swab the child. Instruction on how to use a Coronavirus (COVID-19) test kit on a child are available here.

You can also watch a video here

If you receive a positive test result you will be contacted by the PHA’s Contact Tracing Service in the first instance by text message, asking you to enter your close contacts online using the HSCNI Digital Self-Trace service. This is so we can warn your close contacts as quickly as possible that they might have become infected and give them guidance.

We may call (from (028) 9536 8888) those who do not wish to use the web service or those who cannot use the service for other reasons.

You should also follow all the advice given here.

If you have been identified as close contact you will receive a text message from ‘HSCtracing’ instructing you to self-isolate. You should follow this advice immediately and follow through until the end of the 10 day period. 

Close contacts will also get a code and be asked to book a test at a drive through or go to a walk through site. You should book this test as soon as possible. If this test is positive we will contact you to give you advice and ask you about your own contacts. If this test is negative you must continue to isolate until your ten days are complete. By testing all close contacts we will find more people with the virus and learn more about how the disease progresses.

The menu links on this page provide detailed information on Testing for COVID-19 and Contact tracing.


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