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This page contains resources to support the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Please click on the links under each section to access the resources.


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Vaccinations are the most effective public health intervention in the world for saving lives and promoting good health. Dr Claire Neill explains.  
Prof Danny McAuley, Queen’s University of Belfast and BHSCT talks about vaccine safety and effectiveness.  
Dr Naomh Gallagher, Research and Development Programme Manager at the PHA talks about vaccine safety and effectiveness.


Teresa McClean, Registered Manager, Corriewood Nursing Home talks about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine and shares her experience of the roll out of the vaccine in her nursing home.

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) - How are COVID-19 vaccines being developed so quickly?  

Dr Lindsay Broadbent, Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine  Queen's University Belfast talks about vaccine safety and effectiveness.


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Vaccination is the most important thing you can do to protect your community against serious illnesses.When enough people get vaccinated, it’s harder for a disease to spread to those who can’t have vaccines.Read more

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Vaccines are a crucial part of our defence against infectious diseases like flu and measles.Getting vaccinated protects not only you, but also your family, friends and community.Retweet to share the facts about vaccines.More info

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Vaccines are the best way to protect children from serious infectious diseases like measles, mumps and rubella. All vaccines are tested and monitored to make sure they are safe for your child.Read more:

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Vaccines are designed to prevent people from getting serious infectious diseases.It is much safer for your immune system to learn how to fight illnesses through vaccination than by catching and treating them.Read more:

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Vaccines go through several stages of lab tests and clinical trials before they can be approved for use.Regulators review the results of these trials to check whether a vaccine meets the required levels of safety and effectiveness.More info:

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After any vaccine is licensed for use in the UK, it is monitored by the @MHRAgovuk. This is an important part of making sure vaccines continue to meet safety standards on an ongoing basis.Find out more:

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What to expect

The vaccine cannot give you COVID-19 infection, and a full course will reduce your chance of becoming seriously ill. We do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus, but we do expect it to reduce this risk.

So, it is still important to follow the guidance in your local area to protect those around you.

Find out more about what to expect after receiving the vaccine at:

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Woman of childbearing age

To find information on the COVID-19 vaccine for women of childbearing age, women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding, click here

Please read this before your vaccination.

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Why do i have to wait?

To find out who is eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccines in Northern Ireland and why some groups of people will receive the vaccines sooner than others, based on the recommendations of the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), click here

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