Have an Elfy Christmas

Have an Elfy Christmas

In the run up to Christmas the Public Elf Agency has some top tips on how to have a happy, healthy holiday.

Over the next 12 days the Public Elf Agency (PEA) will be teaming up with our very own Public Health Agency (PHA) to share the advice on www.facebook.com/publichealthagency and www.twitter.com/publichealthni

Dr Elfis Pressie, Public Elf expert at the PEA, said: “We’re delighted to be visiting from the North Pole to join forces with our human counterparts in the PHA to help spread the word about keeping well this winter.

“Our tips will cover everything from help to stop smoking, elfy eating, staying warm, getting the flu jab and getting more active. It’s important that you look after yours-elf and each other during cold weather so don’t forget to call in on older neighbours – just like we do with Santa – and help out each other as much as you can.”

Other handy tips will be what to keep in your medicine cabinet for treating minor conditions such as the cold, how to look after your mental health and wellbeing, and keeping an eye on your alcohol intake.

Mary Black, Assistant Director for Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement at the PHA, said: “Having Elf support during this holiday period is great for us. Our messages on staying well will appear on social media until Christmas Eve but they’re relevant for all of the festive period, and indeed much of the year. It’s been getting cold so the messages of staying warm are particularly important at this time of year.

“Be like our elf friends and wear a hat, gloves and wear multiple layers – if anyone knows about keeping warm and safe in the snow and ice it’s our colleagues in the PEA.”