PHA launches pre-consultation for suicide prevention and post-vention services

PHA launches pre-consultation

In September 2019, the Department of Health published a new suicide prevention strategy for Northern Ireland known as Protect Life 2. The strategy includes specific actions which the Public Health Agency (PHA) is responsible for delivering, and the agency is now undertaking a pre-consultation on these suicide prevention and post-vention services

In order for the PHA to develop future services to meet these actions, it is important to review current services and most importantly listen to the views of service users, local communities and other organisations delivering services, through this pre-consultation process.

The pre-consultation starts on Monday 15th February and runs for eight weeks, ending on Sunday 11th April. The pre-consultation period will include opportunities for people to provide feedback by registering their interest to take part either by completing the online survey or by taking part in a number of online facilitated events targeting each of the Health and Social Care Trust areas in Northern Ireland.

The pre-consultation findings will inform a fuller public consultation on proposed future services.

Fiona Teague Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing lead at the PHA, said: “The PHA plans to engage with people across Northern Ireland. The initial eight week pre-consultation process is a way to start a two-way conversation to determine how the Protect Life 2 Strategy actions for which the PHA is responsible should be designed and delivered. It is important that we listen to what individuals are saying about their needs, and how future services can be shaped to support these.”

Fiona added: “It is also vital there is a clear understanding of the challenges that exist when reviewing or designing services for the community, taking into account financial resources available and the need to achieve value for public money.

“We would encourage services users, members of the public, and organisations delivering services to get involved in the pre-consultation to help us help the individuals and communities who are in need of these services.”

For Information about how to get involved in the pre-consultation process, please visit the Health and Social Care (HSC) NI Engage website at

Register your email address for updates and information about the online involvement events at

Alternatively, visit  to complete the online questionnaire.

Opportunities for participation throughout the pre-consultation will be promoted across the PHA’s social media platforms.

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Pre-consultation engagement events for suicide prevention and post-vention services




Thursday 25th February

2pm – 4pm

Western area

Tuesday 2nd March

10am – 12pm

Southern area

Friday 5th March

10am – 12pm

Belfast area

Monday 8th March

7pm– 9pm

All areas

Thursday 11th March

10am – 12pm

Northern area

Monday 22nd March

10am – 12pm

South Eastern area