Coronavirus: the 2021 Director of Public Health report for Northern Ireland

Cover of the 2021 Director of Public Health report showing a wide range of people wearing facemasks

The 12th Director of Public Health report again focuses on coronavirus (COVID-19).

The report describes some of the broader health and societal consequences of the pandemic, and highlights a range of work being undertaken across Northern Ireland to mitigate its effects on the health and social wellbeing of the population. It outlines key developments in the field of public health which have supported the pandemic response and provided the foundation for longer-term recovery.

On page 68, the report also lists core tables for 2020 relating to key statistical data, including population, birth and death rates, mortality by cause, life expectancy, immunisation and screening. The PDF containing the core tables is available here.


70 pages, A4 report
Target group
Health professionals, general public