Step Challenge toolkit (leaders' guide, poster, certificate etc)

Step Challenge toolkit (leaders' guide, poster, certificate etc)

As part of a Choose to Live Better campaign to encourage people to be more active, this toolkit provides resources for group leaders to organise a Step Challenge. One aspect of the campaign encourages people to monitor the number of steps they take each day and aim to increase it as an easy way of getting more active. A Step Challenge helps people achieve this through working together in a group to support and motivate one another. Groups might be run by a local community or voluntary organisation, in the workplace, or simply among friends and family.

A leaders' guide and additional materials are provided to support groups leaders in recruiting and encouraging their members to participate.

  • The leaders' guide outlines the process of running a challenge with a group.
  • The poster can be used to recruit participants to a challenge (you can type your contact details into the box marked "For more information").
  • There are five social media graphics: one for leaders to use to recruit participants, and four for participants to use when sharing their progress.
  • The step chart allows individuals to record their progress during a challenge (a group chart is also included in the leaders' guide).
  • The certificate can be awarded to those who complete the challenge and also allows them to record their intentions for maintaining/increasing their activity in the future.

The toolkit is intended to be used alongside the booklet Take the next step.


PDF only, A4, 12 pages
Target group
Community and voluntary groups, workplaces, general public