Understanding COVID-19: Viewpoints

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Michelle Tennyson, PHA Assistant Director, Allied Health Professions and Public Involvement

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Dr Claire Neil and Maurice Meehan - Public Health Agency

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we have been able to develop a greater understanding of the infection as a result of having more data generated by the rapid introduction of disease specific surveillance programmes.

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The full impact on students’ mental health as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has yet to be assessed.

A man snaps a cigarette in half

What we know about the association of smoking with the COVID-19 virus, and how we in the PHA can support smoking cessation during the pandemic

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Duane Farrell, CEO, Relate NI and Danny Sinclair, PHA

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Sarah Arnold, Senior Surveillance and Information Scientist in Health Protection, Dr Lynsey Patterson, Head of Health Protection Surveillance, and Dr Claire Neill, Specialty Registrar, Public Health Agency.

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Danny Sinclair, PHA discusses relationships, household conflict and helpful strategies with Elaine Hoey, Clinical Lead at Relate NI.

Mother talking to her son

Danny Sinclair, PHA, explores with Elaine Hoey, Clinical Lead at Relate NI, how parents

COVID-19 and weight

The PHA’s Dr Claire Neill and Danny Sinclair discuss what the evidence says about the assoc