Pressure Ulcer Prevention Group

The Pressure Ulcer Prevention Group

The Regional Pressure Ulcer Prevention Group has been formed to provide advice, support and share Regional learning across Northern Ireland. The Patient Safety Forum, The Public Health Agency are working collaboratively with in the first instance the 5 Healthcare trusts, to advise on, influence and evaluate the direction of the Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program within Northern Ireland.

The group aims to advise on and support the development and implementation by the Trusts of Pressure Ulcer Prevention (SKIN) Care Bundle based on shared learning and evidenced based practice. Developed in USA the SKIN bundle is a collection of evidenced based interventions which provide a systematic, measurable approach to care delivery.

The group aims to support and evaluate educational developments, advise on the development of key performance indicators and the reporting and data collection requirements to evaluate and sustain improvement.

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Pressure Ulcer collaborative

Learning Session 1 - 20 June 2012