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Experience of Service User

Why join Q?

It is just one year, since I was first introduced to the world of Q, and the concept of quality improvement. A lot has happened in that very short period of time…

As a long-term family carer, who is engaged in many HSC groups, and on many mailing lists, I was aware of the Health Foundation and this innovative evolution of connected practitioners. But was it somewhere beneficial for someone from outside the “system”? I needed a bit of convincing!  I discussed my involvement background with a local QI lead and was encouraged to apply.

12 months later and I am really pleased to have tested the waters, as the first lay person to join Q in Northern Ireland. The Q initiative offers so much variety and opportunities for personal growth, learning and improvement. 

I have experienced a number of the menu options:

* Monthly newsletter full of the latest QI developments

* Monthly match with another U.K. Q member - chance to hear local best practice

* Regular updates from Special Interest Groups, with online space for sharing

* Free online subscriptions to QI Journals

* First meeting of Q members in NI.

Our community of Q improvers is still small in number. However, its growing strength will not only be through increased membership, but also through diversity of applicants. I hope more service users, family carers and citizens will apply; and bring their lived improvement experience, innovation ideas and problem-solving skills to this exciting initiative.  We could even have our own lay QI sub-group if enough folk join up.

If you would like to discuss Q membership further you can contact me via email:

Laura Collins (cohort 2 - Sept ‘16) lauracollins56@hotmail.com