Living Well: Live longer and stronger ageing well campaign

Webpage banner with two older adults, a male and a female, walking.

A campaign focussing on the importance and benefits of physical activity as we get older is running in community pharmacies throughout February and March as part of the Living Well service. ‘Live longer and stronger ageing well’ highlights how keeping active helps you stay healthy and age well.

Living Well is a community-based pharmacy service offered in over 500 pharmacies across Northern Ireland. It is delivered in partnership with the Public Health Agency (PHA), Community Pharmacy NI (CPNI), and the Department of Health (DoH). The service supports you in improving your health and wellbeing by:

•    raising awareness of various public health messages and campaigns;
•    sharing of health and wellbeing information;
•    signposting to a relevant health professional, service or support in the community;
•    and using behavioural interventions, if appropriate.

Through the Living Well service, pharmacies help you to address risk factors that contribute to ill health in Northern Ireland. 

Research shows that from 50 years of age we naturally lose muscle density year on year. While ageing is inevitable, the pace at which physical changes occur can be slowed or even reversed with regular physical activity. The UK Chief Medical Officers recommend being active for two and a half hours each week and doing activities to improve muscle strength at least twice a week.

Data indicates that 43% of adults aged 50 or over in Northern Ireland did not meet the UK recommendations of doing at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise. Data also shows that inactivity rose with age and was higher in those living in deprived areas.

Regular physical activity helps you age well. It provides a range of physical and mental health benefits including having a healthy heart, lowering the risk of conditions like type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers, and can help prevent falls. It can help keep your brain sharp, make you feel happier and help you to manage stress. 

As part of the Living Well campaign, community pharmacies across Northern Ireland are providing a free information leaflet, Ageing well by being active every day.   

For further information, call into your local community pharmacy and speak to a member of the pharmacy team. 

For ideas on how to get more active, visit