Living Well: Spot Cancer Early campaign

Talk to your GP, not yourself image

Over 500 local community pharmacies across Northern Ireland are supporting a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer to help with early diagnosis. The campaign is part of the ‘Living Well’ service and will run throughout September and October.

Living Well is a community-based pharmacy service delivered by the Public Health Agency (PHA), Department of Health (DoH) and Community Pharmacy Northern Ireland (CPNI). The service supports you in improving your health and wellbeing by:

•    raising awareness of various public health messages and campaigns;
•    sharing of health and wellbeing information;
•    signposting to a relevant health professional, service or support in the community;
•    and using behavioural interventions, if appropriate.

Through the Living Well service, pharmacies help you to address risk factors that contribute to disease in Northern Ireland.

The Living Well ‘Spot Cancer Early’ campaign is supporting the recently launched mass media campaign by Cancer Research UK (CRUK), in partnership with the PHA and Northern Ireland Cancer Network (NICaN). The campaign, aimed at the over 50s, urges people to contact their GP practice if they notice a change to their health which is unusual for them or isn’t going away. While cancer can develop at any age, it is much more common in older people; data indicates that almost 9 in 10 cancer cases in the UK are in people aged 50 or over.

The Living Well campaign also aims to promote healthy changes to help reduce the risk of developing cancer and encourages anyone who wants to make positive changes but needs help to speak to their pharmacist. A free information leaflet, Be Cancer Aware – Spotting symptoms and reducing your risk, is available from Living Well community pharmacies across Northern Ireland. A copy of this leaflet can also be downloaded from the link below:

•    Be Cancer Aware – Spotting symptoms and reducing your risk leaflet

For further information on the Spot Cancer Early campaign, call into your local community pharmacy and speak to a member of the pharmacy team, or visit