A guide on COVID-19 vaccine for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding (English and translations)

Image of COVID vaccine factsheet for pregnant or breastfeeding women

This factsheet contains the latest information on the COVID-19 vaccine for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please read this before your vaccination. This factsheet was updated in November 2022.

A large print accessible version is available below as a Word document and there are 17 translations available to download below.

This leaflet is available in BSL and ISL videos below. 

Please note that the translations and the videos are of the January 2022 version.

Additional information

Plain text translations of this leaflet are available to download below. If you need this information in a language that is not available here, you can use the ReachDeck facility on this website. This tool can translate and/or read aloud over 90 other languages. Instructions for how to use the ReachDeck option are available to download here.




A4 4 page factsheet, PDF only
Target group
pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers