Paediatric Quality Improvement Collaborative

The overall aim of the Paediatric collaborative is to facilitate the provision of high quality, safe paediatric care to ensure the best outcomes for children in Northern Ireland.

The initial three learning sessions will be held over a 12 month period with action periods between. Each HSC Trust will be expected to send a core multidisciplinary clinical team to each of the learning sessions and to report progress on process, outcome and balancing measures.  The Model for Improvement will be used to test and implement changes by local teams. 

As with all HSC Safety Forum collaboratives, an Improvement Advisory Group has been established to provide drive and direction as well as overcome any perceived obstacles. This group has senior representatives from each HSC Trust as well as input from PHA, patient representatives and the DHSSPS.

Lachman Moving to reliable care in paediatrics.pdf

SF - Paediatric Learning Session One opening slides.pdf

Paed Process Mapping & Process Flow Charting LS2 Dr G Lavery.pdf


The Health and Social Care Safety Forum Paediatric Collaborative has launched its child safety poster for use in all paediatric in-patient settings. This poster was co-designed with parents to enhance communication and assist with a partnership approach to safe and effective care.  The poster is currently being assessed for official endorsement by National Bodies with a remit for Safety in paediatric practice.

To download the poster click here.