The design and planning of outcome focused children’s services.

The Improving Children’s Lives initiative (ICL), Children in Northern Ireland (CiNI), Health and Social Care Board(HSCB), Public Health Agency (PHA) and Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM)  have organised a series of events on the theme of : THE DESIGN AND PLANNING OF OUTCOME FOCUSED CHILDREN’S SERVICES.

The link below provides access to speakers from  a series of six events themed on the outcomes framework outlined in A TEN YEAR STRATEGY FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE IN NORTHERN IRELAND 2006 - 2016:

  •          Healthy;
  •          Enjoying, learning and achieving;
  •          Living in safety and with stability;
  •          Experiencing economic and environmental well-being;
  •          Contributing positively to community and society; and
  •          Living in a society which respects their rights

These events are for policy makers, service commissioners, service executives and senior academics. It is intended that contributions of the invited guests and delegates will produce a training programme for the NI children’s sector on the design and planning of outcome focused children’s services.

 To view the video presentations of a recent Outcomes seminar at Queens please see