Media reporting on suicide

Following the review of the Protect Life Strategy, the suicide prevention strategy for Northern Ireland, the Public Health Agency (PHA) has agreed to work with media and other stakeholders to help promote positive mental health and suicide prevention messages.

 Part of this work involves monitoring the reporting of suicide and self-harm issues.

 We also work to raise awareness of the ‘Samaritans Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide’ within Northern Ireland.

 Suicide is a complex topic and presents a distinct set of challenges for those who report on it.

 With this in mind a number of materials have been produced to support journalists in reporting suicide.

 A film has been made to help journalists report sensitively and appropriately on the issue of suicide. It can be viewed at

 A guidance poster has also been developed for newsrooms which includes ten things to remember when reporting suicide. It can be accessed at  

 The poster is taken from Samaritans and Irish Association of Suicidology’s Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide which can be accessed at: