Communications and Knowledge Management

The Communications and Knowledge Management function, within the Operations Directorate, is overseen by Stephen Wilson, Assistant Director of Communications and Knowledge Management.


  • looks after development of the PHA’s internal and external communications functions;
  • undertakes work to meet the communications requirements of the PHA;
  • comprises a multi-disciplinary team including specialists in publications development, web content, design and electronic communications, public information campaigns, and public and corporate affairs that includes public relations and corporate communications.

Health Intelligence

The Health Intelligence unit within the PHA consists of a core team with skills in the following areas:

  • information analysis, interpretation and presentation;
  • survey design and analysis;
  • evidence reviews;
  • primary research design and implementation;
  • developing briefs for market research/consultancy companies;
  • developing topic specific briefing documents for PHA and its partner organisations;
  • evaluation expertise.