Choose to live better: Making healthier choices campaign

Choose to Live Better campaign banner

The Public Health Agency’s new Choose to live better ‘Making healthier choices’ campaign is running to encourage adults who are overweight or obese, to make healthier choices that will help to reduce weight and have a positive impact on their health. 

Obesity is still a major public health issue in Northern Ireland. The most recent health survey report shows currently almost 2 in 3 adults here are classed as being overweight or obese and it is the norm rather than the exception to carry excess weight. The campaign aims to encourage adults who are overweight or obese to take action and help reduce their risk of developing serious health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

The new mass media campaign focuses on portion sizes and the impact these can have on weight.  The campaign aims to encourage adults who are overweight to think about the portion sizes of the food and drinks they are consuming and to reduce portion sizes as a way to reduce weight.

With this in mind the key campaign message is: ‘Smaller portions help you reach a healthier weight. It’s still the food you love, just a bit less.’

All campaign advertising signposts to for further information, handy tips and advice.

The campaign features television, radio, outdoor and digital advertising including social media. We have created a portfolio of campaign assets, below, which you are encouraged to share on your own channels organically. Please see campaign toolkit for more information.

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