Testing in care homes and hospices

Managing COVID-19 and Flu Like Illness Outbreaks in Care Homes and Other Residential Facilities – Updated February 2024 – please see guidance documents, outbreak pack and reporting form in the downloads sections below.

Managing COVID-19 and FLI outbreaks in care homes and other residential facilities (RESP ILLNESS CARE HOME OUTBREAK PACK 07.04.2023_0 [Feb 2024 currently being updated]

FAQs for Acute Respiratory Infection (COVID and Influenza) in Care Homes Dec 2022 (updated Dec 2023) [Feb 2024 currently being updated]

Ordering LFT Kits: From 29th February 2024, care homes will no longer be able to place an order for tests via the usual route of the OLT channel via Salesforce. Instead, care homes who require LFTs will be able to access these via the Pharmacy Collect scheme which is operational in the vast majority of community pharmacies. LFT supplies can be obtained either by ordering at the same time as patients’ medication or by calling into the pharmacy to collect.

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