'Talking really helps' suicide prevention campaign resources



The Public Health Agency’s ‘Talking really helps’ suicide prevention campaign encourages openness and talking in relation to feelings of anxiety, distress or crisis. The campaign aims to increase help seeking behaviour and promotes calling Lifeline on 0808 808 8000 for support.

Suicide is preventable, it is not inevitable. The feelings that drive suicide are often temporary. With the right help, people can get through a suicidal crisis and recover.

The ‘Talking really helps’ mass media campaign encourages anyone who is feeling low and struggling to cope to talk to friends, family or someone they trust, about their feelings. It emphasises opening up to someone does help and that with the right help and support, things will get better.

The campaign encourages anyone in distress or despair to call Lifeline for support, and highlights that Lifeline’s qualified counsellors are available for free, 24/7. It also highlights Lifeline can offer advice if you are worried that someone is struggling or might be thinking about suicide.

The ‘Talking really helps’ campaign will run from 16 January until March 2023 across TV, radio, outdoor, print and digital, including social media advertising.

See the communications toolkit for further information. Please help promote the campaign by sharing the assets below via your own communication channels.

Television advertising (for viewing only)

‘Talking really helps’ 30-second TV advertisement


Also available in British Sign Language and Irish Sign Language

Social media

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'Talking really helps' social media copy

Texting video

Signs to call Lifeline video

30s TV – 1x1

15s male video – 16x9

15s male video – 1x1

15s female video – 16x9

15s female video – 1x1

Lifeline counsellor video (calls) – 16x9

Lifeline counsellor video (calls) – 1x1

Lifeline counsellor video (not a burden) – 16x9

Lifeline counsellor video (not a burden) – 1x1

Lifeline counsellor video (things can get better) – 16x9

Lifeline counsellor video (things can get better) – 1x1

I’m not fine static – 1x1

I’m not feeling ok static – 1x1

I can barely cope static – 1x1

Webpage banners and email signatures

I’m not alright – 900x600

I’m not alright – 600x200

I’m not coping – 900x600

I’m not coping – 600x200

I can barely cope – 900x600

I can barely cope – 600x200


A3 poster – male 20s

A3 poster – male 40s

A3 poster – female

A4 poster – male 20s

A4 poster – male 40s

A4 poster – female