Winter vaccines: Boost your COVID-19 and flu protection


The winter vaccination programme is well underway and the PHA is encouraging everyone who is eligible to be prepared for the winter ahead by taking up the offer of their free flu vaccine, COVID-19 booster or both when invited.

Vaccination is our best protection against flu and COVID-19 which spread more easily in winter as we spend more time together indoors. Research shows our COVID-19 protection can fade over time and the flu virus changes every year which is why it is important to boost our immunity with the winter vaccines.  

By getting vaccinated it helps protect people who are more vulnerable from getting seriously ill from flu and COVID-19 particularly if they get both viruses at the same time.

To raise awareness of the importance of getting vaccinated the PHA is running a mass media public information campaign highlighting the winter viruses are especially risky for those who are pregnant, have an underlying health condition or are aged 50 or over. The campaign includes TV, radio, outdoor, digital and social media advertising and will run until 11 December.

All campaign advertising signposts to so people can find out if they are eligible and where they can be vaccinated.

See the communications toolkit for further information about the mass media campaign. We would encourage you to help promote and encourage uptake of both the COVID-19 booster and flu vaccine by sharing the assets below via your own communication channels.

Winter vaccines campaign

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