Understanding COVID-19: Viewpoints

Home accident prevention

Hilary Johnston, PHA, and Pauline Herbison, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), discuss a way we can all help reduce pressure on the health service during lockdown.

Volunteering graphic

A reflection on volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic from Denise Hayward, CEO, Volunteer Now, and Maurice Meehan, PHA.

Contact tracing graphic

Brendan Bonner, PHA, considers COVID-19 contact tracing.

Elevate NI logo

Paul Braithwaite, Community Foundation, and Maurice Meehan, Public Health Agency and Building Change Trust Director on how might we ‘Build Back Better’ in Northern Ireland.

PHA logo

Brendan Bonner, Assistant Director at the Public Health Agency, explores the determinants of wellbeing and the protective role they can play against the virus and its effects on communities.

Kindness is contagious

Geraldine Hamilton, HSCB, and Fiona Teague, PHA discuss the important role of kindness and compassion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scientists in a laboratory

Dr Gail Johnston, Programme Manager, HSC Research & Development Division, discusses the importance of clinical research in the fight against COVID-19.

Older woman

Brendan Bonner, Public Health Agency, discusses how a positive self-perception is a key resilience factor in dealing with COVID-19.

App logos

Dr Diane Anderson of the Public Health Agency discusses the information sources the public use to understand the COVID-19 pandemic.

A teenager using her phone

Deirdre McAliskey, National Children’s Bureau, and Brendan Bonner, PHA, explain why understanding teenagers’ brains can help us to support them during COVID-19.